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ALS Tribology Private Label – Personalized Predictive Maintenance Service

Our Private Label programs offer an additional marketing tool to merchants and distributors, as well as reliable maintenance to all users.

How it works?

By hiring the ALS Tribology Private Label, you’ll have all the quality and expertise of ALS in predictive maintenance and Oil Analysis added to the relevancy you already have in the marketplace. It works like this: we perform the analysis and provide complete and personalized materials with your identity to implement the program with your customer base. In this way, the service will be carried out by ALS Tribology, but will be sold on behalf of your company, with all the products bearing your brand imprint.


  • Custom packaging (sample kits)
  • Sample ID tag for real-time tracking
  • Mark the sample kit
  • Brand in software
  • Facilitated equipment management
  • Assistance and training with complementary materials
  • Complementary diagnosis
  • Scope of Analysis

Private Label is the perfect way to build stronger relationships within your own private distribution network and with end users.

Private Label Products

  • Customized Collection Kit and Box: All Private Label products come with their trademark stamp, while maintaining the personality of your business.
  • System 360: Our 360 System allows the management of assets and results of analysis in real time and dynamically.
  • Materials: ALS Tribology will work together with your brand, developing all the materials needed to generate more and more value to the service.

Fluid analysis training program

With Oil Analysis implementation training, you will learn how to:

  • Customer loyalty
  • Greater proximity to the customer
  • Perform incremental sales of parts and services
  • Have greater productive availability of equipment

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