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New Biodiesel Concentration – B11 Arrives

The definition of the insertion of biodiesel into road diesel was the beginning of the sector’s expansion program. The expectation, from the beginning, is to generate both environmental and socioeconomic impact. After all, the production of this fuel and also of ethanol is expanded, and it also contributes to the reduction of pollutants emitted and the consumption of fossil resources.

The programme regulating the obligation of bio-oil started quite timidly, after 4 years of studies. In 2008, only 2% of this biofuel was required in diesel. Between 2010 and 2014, it became mandatory to concentrate 5% of the oil, and this content increased.

Four years later, in March 2018, the minimum concentration of 10% biodiesel was stipulated – it was called B10. Now, on September 1, 2019, the minimum concentration of 11% of biodiesel – the so-called B11 – came into force.

It is important to remember that distributors may deliver values higher than the minimum concentration of this ester, as long as they respect the B15 ceiling (15% biodiesel in diesel).

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