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Active Interpretation of ALS Tribology Brazil

Oil analysis is a predictive diagnostic maintenance tool for monitoring and evaluating lubricant and equipment conditions. It enables you to maximize asset performance and reliability by identifying issues before they become failures. This tool generates assertiveness and security in the management decision making, saving time and reducing maintenance costs.

The active interpretation of ALS Tribology Brasil has professionals with experience in maintenance making recommendations of e-mail inspection and telephone to their equipment with speed and pro activity, in order to identify potential failures.

Management report

ALS provides management reports with the management of monitored assets, consolidating the processed samples showing the scenario view.

We have an independent laboratory and therefore have a diverse volume of data from different equipment manufacturers. With this volume of data we were able to generate dynamic statistical studies for several models and compartments of the equipment. In this way, we can create a more precise and assertive diagnosis of the particularities of equipment. These statistical studies are tools for big data and data mining projects.

Interpretation of results 

Active Interpretation is a tool that assists in the proactive maintenance of your equipment. An exclusive ALS process! The program consists of contacting those responsible for fluid analysis to discuss the report of a classified sample with the critical status.

During the contact, more information and inspections are addressed to the user in order to identify the cause of the problem with assertive and accurate actions, always focusing on reducing costs and greater availability of your equipment. ALS is concerned about the health of your equipment and being closer to your maintenance team, helping you more and more in your day-to-day life.


  • Alert the customer about a compartment in critical condition
  • Discuss other possible inspections other than those suggested in the sample report
  • To clarify doubts regarding the results found
  • Seek a better understanding of the application of the equipment by personalizing the interpretations

Choice of samples

  • The choice is not random
  • Interpreters meet daily for sample choice
  • They discuss possible failure in progress in the compartment
  • Define the best inspections
  • Contact customer by phone
  • Formalize by email
The active interpretation of ALS Tribology Brazil has professionals with experience in maintenance making recommendations of inspection.

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