Experience generates confidence #ALS2019

We already know that 2018 was a great year, but what awaits us in 2019?

ALS Global, is pleased to present the Experience Generates Confidence campaign.
In order to demonstrate our commitment and dedication to make 2019 a year of success.

Know our values

In order to deliver excellent results, it is important that the development, safety and well-being of our employees always comes first. With that in mind, we on our values:

  • Safety as a priority
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Exceeding client expectations
  • Belief in our ability
  • Hard work and continuous improvement
  • Doing it better
  • Celebrating success

We recognize that our employees are the core of our company. We are a diverse global team distributed across markets, geographic regions, and different segments.

ALS Segments

The purpose of Tribology is to solve the problems related to the friction between surfaces. In this segment, we operate in several countries with oil analysis, a predictive maintenance diagnostic tool that has the primary purpose of monitoring and evaluating the lubricant conditions of the equipment.

Life Sciences
Sector composed of four areas of analytical tests: Environmental, food and pharmaceutical, electronics and consumer products. Global leader in comprehensive analytical testing services demonstrating expertise in microbiology and physical and chemical testing services.

The most comprehensive testing service for the world’s mining industry in four major service areas: Geochemistry, Metallurgy, Coal Inspection and Quality, covering the entire resource life cycle from exploration to rehabilitation.

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Building success together!

We operate in more than 50 countries, with nearly 14,000 employees. This year the expectation is that these numbers are even greater. We will invest in new equipment for even more complete scopes, employee development, and project support and sponsorship.

ALS Experience builds trust.

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