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Analysis of Chemicals that ALS Life Sciences São Paulo offers

We offer accredited tests in ISO 17.025 and in “Good Laboratory Practices” (GLP) applicable to various types of chemical products, both for the preparation of Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and for the safety evaluation of products in general.

Our laboratory offers a complete range of tests performed by a team of professionals available to support our customers. In addition to a broad portfolio of toxicology, we offer physicochemical and ecotoxicological properties, using experience accumulated over 25 years in a wide range of components and end products for the chemical industry.

Portfolio of work

  • Microbiological Testing;
  • Toxicological Tests;
  • Ecotoxicological Tests;
  • Stability Tests;
  • Biodegradability tests;
  • Ames test;
  • Micronucleus Testing.


  • ISO Standard 17.025
  • BPL


  • Decree nº 2.657 / 1998: Safety for the use of chemical products at work.
  • ABNT 14.725 / 2010 (Part 1): terminology and information for the FISPQ.
  • ABNT 14.725 / 2010 (Part 2): hazard classification.
  • ABNT 14.725 / 2013 (Part 3): Labeling.
  • ABNT 14.725 / 2012 (Part 4): MSDS.

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