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ALS Life Sciences Quality System São Paulo

ALS Life Sciences São Paulo has certifications from the CGCRE (General Coordination of Accreditation of Inmetro) (ISO 17,025 and BPL), ANVISA / Reblas, Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA) and CTNBio.

We consider the Quality System a fundamental component in customer satisfaction and one of the most important aspects of our business. Therefore, it has a solidly established Quality System, on which all its procedures, studies and analyzes are based.

Our Quality Assurance department is independent and ensures proficiency and quality in levels of excellence through the use of standardized and internationally recognized methodologies, operational procedures described for all activities of the company, traceability of documentation, internal audits, external audits of accreditation agencies and customers, participation in interlaboratory tests and proficiency, equipment calibration, continuous training of the team, among others.

For us, accreditation is synonymous with quality. That is why our physicochemical, microbiology and ecotoxicology laboratories are accredited in ISO 17.025, an international standard that ensures the performance of laboratory tests within an established quality system and demonstrates the technical competence to generate reliable results. The scope of physicochemical, toxicological and ecotoxicological tests that apply to product safety is accredited in “Good Laboratory Practices” (GLP), being nationally monitored by the CGMR * (General Coordination of Accreditation of Inmetro) and internationally by the Laboratory Unit. Switzerland, which makes it possible to accept studies in Brazil and other countries.


ANVISA – National Health Surveillance Agency

  • REBLAS Analytical 020: toxicological tests on pesticides, cosmetics, sanitizers, health products and medicines.
  • REBLAS Analytical 022: microbiological and physico-chemical tests in food, water, cosmetics and sanitizing products, qualitative and quantitative analyzes of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

National Technical Biosafety Commission (CTNBio)

  • CQB 0153/01: Quality Certificate in Biosafety, evaluation activities of products with genetically modified plants.

CGCRE* (General Coordination of Accreditation of Inmetro)

  • ISO 17025, since 2010: microbiological and physical-chemical tests on food and water.
  • BPL (GOOD LABORATORY PRACTICES) since 2001: ecotoxicity, toxicity, mutagenicity and physicochemical studies.

CONCEA (National Council for Control of Animal Experiences)

  • CIAEP/Concea 01.0242.214 (São Roque)
  • CIAEP/Concea 01.0368.215 (São Paulo)

MAPA – Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply

  • D.O.U. of 09/02/1999, Ordinance 01: physical-chemical analyzes of food and water and publication;
  • D.O.U. 07/07/2006, Ordinance 180: qualitative and quantitative analyzes on genetically modified organisms (GMOs);
  • D.O.U. of 06/02/2012, Ordinance 12: microbiological analyzes in food and water.

Inspection Center of the Secretariat of Agriculture and Supply (Product of Animal Origin)

Publication in the Official Gazette of the State of São Paulo on 08/01/1998 – microbiological and physicochemical analyzes.

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