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ALS Cleveland Adds New Automated Equipment

In 2018, the Cleveland Laboratory made significant investments in Automation.  Viscosity and Particle Count instrumentation were both upgraded with new, automated units.   Both tests required almost 100% manual operation using the previous instrumentation. 

Labor time on these tests was reduced by 75 to 80%, allowing our experienced technicians to focus less on the sometimes monotonous task of handling each individual sample, and more on what they do best: Ensuring quality and timely data is delivered to our clients.  The new viscometer allows for up to 800 samples to be setup and run automatically. 

Just over 100 samples can be setup to be analyzed on the new particle count equipment.  Both units include many features that ensure high data quality including automatic standard checks and quarantining of any questionable data. 

These additions have resulted in significant improvements to overall laboratory efficiency, helping us as we strive to exceed client expectations.

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