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2018 ALS Tribology On-site Training Review

Michael Holloway Tribology Training

In 2018, ALS Tribology provided on-site training for its oil and OEM partners, and end-users. Topics covered included program on-boarding & implementation, proper sampling, as well as data interpretation. 

Training staff also provided classes throughout the world in certification preparation resulting in 27 ALS employees and 63 partners and customers achieving certifications through the International Council for Machinery Lubrication. 

As part of our belief that “Experience Generates Confidence,” ALS Tribology training staff will continue to invest in our employees throughout 2019. This year’s calendar for on-site training for oil analysis implementation and certification preparation is currently in development.  For more information, refer to www.ALSGLOBAL.COM

Pictured: Michael D. Holloway CRL, LLA I, MLT I, MLT II, MLA I, MLA II, MLA III, OMA1, CLS
Certified Reliability Leader and Manager of Strategic Accounts & Training, Tribology

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